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Handwriting Analysis

Get an expertise in Handwriting Analysis with our GRAPHOLOGY COURSE and beging with your OWN PRACTICE

Uses of handwriting and signature analysis

  • Know yourself
  • Learn about people arounf you
  • Test your compatibility (Marriage/Business)
  • Realise your hidden potential
  • Work on your negative traits
  • Choose the right career
  • Employee recruitment and much more
Karuna Karma Soul Healing


Physic Surgery

  • Improves Intuition
  • Formatting mind-old pattern
  • Reprogramming mind
  • Witnessing mind,body
  • Addiction control and clearing
  • Improves memory
  • Sharpens mind
  • Concentration Improvement
  • Perception reprogramming
  • Removing disease cause from mind
  • Brain sensation improvement
  • Better awareness in law of attraction
  • Visualization clearance
  • Goal achievement
  • Improves sensitivity
  • Breakdown of old belief
  • Improves confidence
  • Financial upliftment
  • Relation Imrprovement
  • Increase tolerance

Physic Surgery


Karuna Karma Soul Healing

Aura or electro magnetic field surrounding our body can be used as a diagnostic tool to help in evaluating the causes of diseases, karmic or genetic imprints even before the disease enters our physical body. It also helps us to understand the cause of our financial and relationship problems. Also we can help them in getting rid of any addiction.

  • Delta Healing
  • Karuna Healing
  • Reliving and Reliving
  • Soul and imprints clearance
  • Reprogramming mind
  • Genetic and hereditary
  • Immunological improvement
  • Conciousness upliftment
  • Soamtic karmic clearance
  • Pastlife witness
  • Relation improvement
  • Fianncial benefit
  • Compassion without attachment
  • Subconcious unloading
  • Weight Management
  • Deeper Meditation
  • Unlocking old pattern
  • Soul awareness
  • Suppurations issue comes on surface
  • Abundance and soul purpose
Karuna Karma Soul Healing


Emotional Empowerment Technique

We can reverse the energy disturbance by creating a fresh disturbance by stimulating certain energy centers located in close proximity to our physical body. In an attempt to overcome the artificially created disturbance, the person’s vitality sets the system right.

  • What are emotions and feelings?
  • Type of emotions
  • How to understand emotions
  • How and why supress and repress emotions?
  • Symptoms of supressed and repressed emotions in the physical body
  • How are you releasinf your emotions
  • Methods to identofy emotions
  • Lioving with the "NEW YOU"
Emotional Empowerment


The Skills Aquired Help You

  • To get basic understnding of meditations
  • To Experience meditative state through guided meditation techniques
  • To make a begining on the path
  • To perceive higher frequencies
  • To transend the limitedness you are in
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